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About Animavericks

Animavericks, was founded and established by its founder and Managing Director, Handy Hakim, in 2005. Originated from Monash University’s anime club in Caulfield called MCAC, who also founded by Handy, Animavericks started as club's independent publication created by, for and to MCAC members. In its history, Animavericks have become Australia's first and only Anime, Video Games and Asian pop culture magazine and have gone internationally covering other countries such as NZ, Indonesia, Singapore and even UK! .


Animavericks News

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“AnimApps” is an application created by Animavericks team that will enable user to read ALL news regarding anime, video games and even Asian pop as well.
This application enable to let user to purchase or subscribe Animavericks Digital Magazine’s issues and even can view the latest video trailers, asian pop music clips and even some full length anime episodes is available for viewing through our “AniVideo” feature! So keep looking forward for its release soon.

After some briefly preparation that we make, we are happy to announce that this "AnimApps" will be released in this September! stay tuned!

Are you crazy about Asian pop music? Are you an avid Asian and Anime movie fans? Or are you simply a HUGE video game fans?? If you answer yes to ANY of the above, that means our “AniVideo” is really for you!! Packed with thousands of latest Asian and anime films as well as video game trailers and Asian pop music clips, AniVideo will quench your fandom thirst for anything Asian, anything Anime, and anything Video games!
Tons of FREE video music clips, anime trailers and even Asian movie trailers, you can also view full lengths Anime series, Asian movies and even Asian Pop Concerts, from J-Pop to K-Pop, by joining us as our members. AniVideo: ANIme, Asian Movies and VIDEO game trailers, so REGISTER now and join the fun for just USD $5/month OR USD $50/year !!

After making Animavericks Magazine available digitally on SCOOP Apps newsstand for Apple and Android few months ago, now after a long wait, to mark the release of Animavericks NEW Website and Apple Mobile Application called “Animapps”, we proudly announce that Animavericks finally released our latest edition, issue #30, around Mid June or end of June 2013!
Download & read our latest issues and many more current and back issues of Animavericks Magazine at your Apple & Android mobile as well as PC. Just become our member for just USD $5/month to enjoy unlimited access to our Magazine newsstand OR you can download us from SCOOP, by visiting this link here:

We got a SPECIAL offer to all members of Animavericks! refer a friend to sign up for gold or silver membership to receive 1 month extension of your own subscription FOR EACH NEW MEMBER who sign up from your referral!

Simply email us your friends name, his/her email address, and your own name as referee. Once we confirmed your email, we will immediately extend your subscription for another 1 month! simple as that!

So become our member TODAY and refer your friend so that you can extend your subscription UNLIMITED while enjoying all of our feature in!

“Animavericks is back to Australian expo and we had a blast in Animania Finale last weekend. We attended Perth Oz Comic Con 2014 just last week and it went with a blast! (29 March 2014-30 March 2014). We are coming for more and we will be at Supanova Gold Coast (4-6 April 2014) and Supanova Melbourne (11-13 April 2014). Visit our booth and pick your latest issue of Animavericks Magazine and register for our web subscription to get 3 EXCLUSIVE POSTERS BONUS! See you guys soon there!

“Visit our Anivideo section and watch our HOT anime series streaming. Here are some new anime that has been added are: 07 Ghost, Amatsuki, Gintama-Kanketsu hen, Sekirei Pure Engagement and so much more! Click the Anime thumbnails on our anivideo highlights for our staff pick!

After successfully launched Animapps HD for iPad and also Animavericks for both Android and Apple Mobile, Animavericks proudly present you the launching of "Indomavericks" for iPhone!!
"Indomavericks" app for iPhone will have same capability as Animapps HD for iPad which is being built to cater the need of the rising numbers of Anime, video games and Asian pop fans users of iPhone mobile.
Indomavericks and AnimApps HD are the only Anime and Asian Pop Culture apps for Apple Mobile in the world which can enable users to stream videos on mobile, as well as get daily updates on Anime, Video Games and Asian Pop News and also enable users to read Animavericks Online Magazine through their Apple mobile.

As part of our yearly promotion roadshow, Animavericks will be attending the BIGGEST south east asian Anime event in August, which is: Anime Festival Asia Indonesia on the 15-17th of August 2014 in Jakarta Convention Center.
And just a week before that which is gonna be on the 9-10th of August 2014, we will make appearance in one of the most anticipated anime event in Malaysia, which is Animangaki and also at the same time, in SMASH! Sydney as well! Moreover we proudly announcing our involvement in Cosgraph event as Cosgraph Media Partner.
Come and visit our stands in these three upcoming expo and also future events that we will be attending, grab your copy of Animavericks Magazine and get 3 A2 size Posters bonus and 3 months silver membership in to watch anime, Asian movies as well as read our online magazine and updates on Anime, Gaming and Asian Pop news!

Download Animavericks app on your Apple and Android news standand and read many of our previous issues for FREE!! Downloadable for FREE in Google Play or Apple App Store!

DAILY DOSAGE of NEWS FEATURE on is now available in "ANINEWS", exclusive for our members and online subscribers only!
Aninews section features daily news update on Anime,video games and asian pop culture and will give you the freshest information for ALL Mavericks Otaku out there! SO whenever you sign in into our website, make sure to stop by and check out the latest news updates on anime,video fames and asian pop only on ANINEWS!!

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