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Press Release: BRATS song featured in new Japanese film Slaveman

December 2, 2016 - Japanese girls band BRATS (featuring Rei Kuromiya of LADYBABY/The Idol Formerly Known As) will contribute the song “Nounai Shoukyo Game” (“Brain Erase Game”) to the soundtrack of the upcoming Japanese film Slaveman, directed by Noboru Iguchi (Machine Girl, Robogeisha, Prison School).

“Nounai Shoulyo Game” is the second new BRATS song to be announced this year, following their recent release of “Ainikoiyo” (“Come see me”), the opening theme for the animated series To Be Hero.

“I still can’t believe our song is being used in a movie. I can’t get over it,” BRATS vocalist Rei commented. “I think the song and the film ended up being the perfect match.”


Rei’s older sister, BRATS bassist Aya, added “I was glad that the song fit so well with the content. I really wish we could make a music video of this song. I want to do this kind of thing again, for sure.”


Slaveman Trailer:

BRATS’ excitement was matched by the film’s director, Iguchi. “The Slaveman trailer has finally been released! In the era of social media, 
Slaveman is the world’s first ‘selfie-taking hero’ and ‘reality-dissing hero.’ You will enjoy many scenes of Yuichi Nakamura taking handsome selfies! The theme song by the hot girls band BRATS is super cute and destructive at the same time. It has a huge impact!”

Slaveman Official Website:


Rei Kuromiya (vocals) (16 years old)
Aya Kuromiya (bass) (18 years old)
Hinako (guitar) (20 years old)

BRATS formed in August 2011 when Rei Kuromiya, who has been a junior idol since she was 8 years old, became a vocalist at the age of 10. Rei’s sister Aya Kuromiya plays the bass, and Aya’s friend Hinako plays the guitar. Rei Kuromiya was chosen as “Miss iD 2015″ at an idol contest hosted by Koudansha in September, 2014, and her popularity increased when she joined the idol group “LADYBABY” with Rie Kaneko (Miss iD 2015 Gran Prix) and cross-dressing performer Ladybeard. After Ladybeard left the group, Rei formed a new unit “The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY” with Rie Kaneko. BRATS released the song “14-sai byou” (“14-year-old disease”) in 2015, produced by URBANGARDE’s Temma Matsunaga. Their song “Ainikoiyo” (“Come see me”) was released in 2016 as the opening theme for the anime series To Be Hero.


URBANGARDE announces new single Akumade Akuma

November 27, 2016 -- Japanese trauma techno rock group URBANGARDE has revealed the details of their new single, “Akumade Akuma”, the band’s first non-album music release in over four years.
Band leader Temma Matsunaga declared the mission of the new song, which will be released at the beginning of the year.
“This is URBANGARDE. We’re releasing a single after 4 and half years.
Surprisingly, during the last few years that we didn’t release any singles, humankind has gone extinct.
The era of social media has dissociated human lives and divided them into angels (tenshi) and devils (akuma)…
To those of you who used to be human, to those who live insecure days like ghosts,
We will show your true shape through music.
You are devils to the very end.”
Earlier this year, URBANGARDE collaborated with popular Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama to produce a special collection of photos and poems titled “Schoolgirl Trauma”. The band also released the limited-edition, live show-only CD titled Showa 91, the music video "Femme Fata Fantasy", and the theme song “Kiss Me Kirei Me” for the NHK program “Let’s Tensai Terebi-kun”.
URBANGARDE's striking new promotion image for “Akumade Akuma” was shot during their photo sessions for this year’s “URBANGARDExTRMN” photo book, which captured the band members in gorgeous, colorful costumes and androgynous makeup. The single, due for release January 4, 2017, will come with a variety of bonuses at local Japanese retailers, including:
Tower Records bonus:
DVD “Gasmask Party”
Complete video of the 60-min-long “Gasmask Party”, a frantic live show from last December’s Showa 90 tour where all performers and audience had to wear gas masks.
Village Vanguard bonus:
Reading CD “School Girl Trauma”
Live CD of the reading performance of the poetry photo book “School Girl Trauma” (released this summer) at Asagaya LOFT-A.
Akumade Akuma
Rel. 1/4/2017
Regular Edition
1. Akumade Akuma
2. Tenshi ni Shiyagare
3. Akumade Akuma (Instrumental)
4. Tenshi ni Shiyagare (Instrumental)
Limited Edition
1. Akumade Akuma
2. Tenshi ni Shiyagare
1. Akumade Akuma (Music Video)
2. Akumade Akuma (Dance Video)
3. Femme Fata Fantasy (Music Video)
4. Live Performance from Utsu Fes @ TSUTAYA O-EAST
- Onepiece Shinjuu
- Kuchibiru Democracy
- Femme Fata Fantasy
- Shinjuku Mon Amour
- Hako Otoko ni Kike
- Daihakai Koukyougaku / Tokai no Alice
- Yameru Idol
URBANGARDE Official Homepage:
URBANGARDE Official Facebook:


Discover the Mysteries of a Heartwarming Journey in GUST’s Latest Entry in the Beloved ‘Atelier’ Series, Headed to PlayStation®4
Sydney, 23rd November 2016 – KOEI TECMO proudly announced today the upcoming release of Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system alongside a brand-new teaser trailer. Slated to release in the first half of 2017, the 18th entry to GUST’s popular Atelier franchise takes place after the events of 2016’s Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, expanding on the series’ delightful narrative.
The second entry in the ‘Mysterious’ saga follows the adventures of the enthusiastic Firis Mistlud and her loving older sister Liane Mistlud. The Mistlud sisters have lived their entire lives in the isolated town of Ertona, where Firis uses her unique ability to see where crystals of materials are buried. By way of a fateful encounter, Firis learns of the Alchemy Exam and decides to take her first step into the outside world, setting off on a grand journey to become a certified alchemist and discover the mysteries that life has to offer! Players will experience a vast world with towns, environments and other locations reaching up to ten times the size of those featured in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.   
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey takes the long-running franchise to greater heights with a brand-new option to choose which narrative path to follow. After passing the exam, players are able to follow three different paths that focus on the three key aspects of the Atelier series – Alchemy, Combat and Character relationships. Choice plays a major role in the events that can be experienced throughout the game, with the ability to switch between the three paths at any point during this grand adventure.
A slew of assets showcasing the new protagonists and the many locations they will visit during their journey have been released today alongside a teaser trailer which details key features of this latest entry in the long-running Atelier series.
For more information on Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey, please like us on and follow us on twitter @koeitecmoeurope, or visit the official site at
Assets can be found here.


Brand New, Action-Packed Launch Trailer Showcases the Scout Regiment
Locked in Combat with New Forms of Titans
Sydney, 17 August 2016 - KOEI TECMO today confirmed that the narrative within A.O.T. Wings of Freedom will extend beyond the events of the first season of ‘Attack on Titan’. A brand new launch trailer has been revealed alongside the announcement in anticipation of the upcoming release of the fast-paced action game based on the hugely successful manga and anime series ‘Attack on Titan’. A.O.T. Wings of Freedom will release on the 26th August 2016 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, as well as digitally for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld system and Windows PC via Steam®.
Showcasing the Scout Regiment as they repel the fearsome Titans threatening humanity, the launch trailer for A.O.T. Wings of Freedom officially reveals that players will be able to play beyond the end of the show’s first season via extra game-exclusive missions! Capturing intense, action-packed combat and impressive attack moves, the launch trailer reveals two sinister new types of Titans for players to take down. The Armored Titan, a 50 foot tall behemoth with immense strength and speed can destroy anything in its path, and the monstrous Beast Titan is a gigantic ape-like creature that uses immeasurable amounts of force to crush its foes! These extra missions offer additional high-octane battles and exhilarating action within the ‘Attack on Titan’ universe. 
New screenshots were also released featuring the Armoured and Beast Titans, as well as a series of event scenes.

Moto Racer 4 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Pc and Mac on November 15th

Sydney, November 15th 2016 - Moto Racer 4, the cult arcade style moto racing series, is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.
Developed by Microïds and Artefacts Studio under the supervision of original creator, Paul Cuisset, Moto Racer 4 revives the winning formula that made the trilogy so successful, offering 2 playing modes – Asphalt and Dirt. In a world where freestyle and risk-taking dominate, players can choose to ride motocross or high-speed racing bikes and choose from a variety of characters with different personalities.
Today, with the PlayStation VR, players can now completely immerse themselves in 2 modes: Time attack and Hot Lap. In order to offer them more and more sensations, Microïds and Artefact Studios will progressively and freely make all game modes and races, already available in Moto Racer 4, compatible in VR.
Moto Racer 4 can be played in single player, split screen or a multiplayer mode of up to 10 players at once! With the PlayStation VR (out now), players can completely immerse themselves and experience the races like never before.
To recap, these are the main Moto Racer 4 features revealed so far:
  • Alternating speed racing / motocross circuits
  • 15 single and multiplayer game modes
  • Split-screen multiplayer mode
  • Online multiplayer mode (2-10 players)
  • Motorbike and rider customization 
  • Characters have different personalities and riding styles 
  • Traffic on the road
  • 60 frames/second
  • Possibility of colliding with opponents 
Moto Racer 4 is out now, November 15th, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Yoshiki Wins Asian Icon Award at Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo

X Japan Leader Performs David Bowie Tribute and Art of Life
November 14, 2016 -- X Japan leader Yoshiki performed at the Classic Rock Awards held at Ryogoku Kokugikan this past Friday, November 11. Yoshiki made history by becoming the first-ever artist to be honored with the “Asian Icon Award.” Based at the venerable Roundhouse venue in London, the Classic Rock Awards are widely recognized by the world’s rock stars as the “annual must-attend event,” bringing together artists from rock’s global Hall of Fame.
The show was held in Japan this year for the first time ever, and with this memorable timing Yoshiki became the first Asian artist to accomplish this great achievement. Rock royalty including Jeff Beck, ELO, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Def Leppard, Richie Sambora, Cheap Trick attended the event and gave Yoshiki rave reviews for his performance featuring classical renditions of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and X Japan’s masterpiece “Art Of Life.”
“So many artists in Asia are going overseas and Asian rock is growing worldwide,” Yoshiki said as he accepted the award. “X Japan is proud to be one of them and if there’s a wall between east and west, the wall is getting lower and thinner. I’m going to break this wall. It’s an honor to receive this award. I would like to dedicate this award to the X Japan members especially Hide and Taiji. Thank you very much.”
On January 12 and 13, 2017, Yoshiki will make his Carnegie Hall debut with “Yoshiki Classical featuring Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.” Although known as the founder, songwriter and drummer of X Japan, Yoshiki is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, composer, and musician. Having composed the 2012 Golden Globe Awards theme song, he also composed and performed an orchestral piece and piano concerto to commemorate the Japanese Emperor’s 10th anniversary of his reign. His recent album Yoshiki Classical features collaborations between Yoshiki and legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, and Quartet San Francisco. At the Carnegie shows, Yoshiki will perform his original compositions alongside the world-renowned Tokyo Philharmonic; he will also play several traditional Classical pieces. Yoshiki has tapped Yuga Cohler (co-creator of the Kanye West/Beethoven crossover project “Yeethoven”) to conduct the concerts.
Yoshiki Classical @ Carnegie Hall Tickets and VIP info:
Yoshiki is currently on a world tour greeting audiences for the X Japan documentary “WE ARE X” at film festivals in various countries, as well as promoting his forthcoming classical tour. "WE ARE X" is a transcendent and beautifully shot rock & roll story about the Japanese rock band X Japan, one of the biggest rock bands in the world.
“WE ARE X” Website & Showtimes:

Detective Conan’s Birthplace

One of the longest running manga and anime series today is Detective Conan or Case Closed as it is known in the West. Since its manga debut in 1994, more than 80 volumes have been released. As for its anime since 1996, there are more than 800 episodes to date. With the exception of the first movie, all Detective Conan movies have been among the highest-grossing movies in Japan. The 20th movie, The Darkest Nightmare, is scheduled to be released in the middle of April.


The 5 Rules of Otaku Ombré Hair

Hair color trends come and go, but Otaku nowdays put money on the fact that ombré is here to stay. There’s a reason celebrities and Otakualike flock to the look: It’s subtle and flattering, and there’s a version for every hair type, length, and coloring. As with most dyed hair looks, we’ve seen a lot of good and a lot of bad. Keep these ombré hair tips in mind next time you head to the coloring chair to stay firmly on the good side of the color spectrum.


Making the Otaku Girl Fall for You

Making an ordinary girl to falling in love with you is just a common problem. But, How to make the Otaku Girl fall for you? How to get her attention? Here we give you our top-5 tips how to make it quick and simple!


Otaku Travel Tips: Visit Tokyo

For you, anOtaku who  visiting Tokyo for the first time, we are proud to introduce a model of course that you can use in order to enjoy the city tour. In Tokyo there are many places both, but it is hard if we want to be able to enjoy it all. Therefore we here present to introduce the places that most attract the attention of tourists as your reference. All of these places can be visited only takes 2 or 3 days.


Подробнее на сайте: http://repair-dwelling.ru http://choose-house.ru

Being a Healthy Otaku

An otaku really like to power through anime or manga series in one sitting. They often forget about taking care of their bodies, especially the ones who like to finish visual novels in one sitting or trying to juggle League of Legends or World of Warcraft with work, every day errands, extracurricular activities and school work.


How To Date An Otaku Girl

You might be nervous about approaching an otaku girl with romantic intentions, regardless of whether you're an otaku or non-otaku guy. Dating a girl who falls under this category isn't any more difficult than dating any other girl, though. All you really need to do is find the girl and appeal to her interests well enough for her to take notice of you.


Anime-themed CafesWorldwide


When visiting the birthplace of anime and manga, you absolutely have to make time to check out some of the quirky themed cafes that are peppered throughout every major city.  Each cafe is a unique experience, and Tokyo is at the heart of the best of them. You'll also find some cool stuff like merchandise from Attack on Titan.  To give you an idea of what the city has to offer, check out these top 3 themed cafes for any anime lover.



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